Friday, October 1, 2010

2010 Stuntwood

Thought it would be good to try and update this post. LAST UPDATED 5/17/11.

Which wood shops press boards for which company. I'm fairly certain the following are correct with corresponding links:

Bareback/Generator (Mexico) - Real, Anti Hero, Krooked, Alien Workshop, Habitat, DGK, Expedition-One, Organika, Blueprint, Creation, Stereo, Western Edition, Rasa Libre, Kitsch, Consolidated, Magenta, Arcade.
PS Stix (China, Mexico) - Element, Alien Workshop, Habitat, Plan B, Flip, Welcome, Lifeblood.
Dwindle (China) - Almost, Blind, Darkstar, Enjoi, Cliche, Speed Demons, Superior, Arcade.
Chapman (USA) - Shut, Zoo York, Hopps, Raw, Naysayer.
Cinco Maderas (Mexico) - Zero, Mystery, Slave.
NHS (China, USA) - Santa Cruz, Creature.
NHS P2 technology (China, USA) - Flip, Zero, Plan B, Creature.
Watson (USA) - Foundation, Toy Machine.
Skate One (USA) - Powell, Mini Logo.
Control (Canada) - Monke, Selfish.
Zorlac/Syndrome/Woodchuck (Canada, Mexico) - Traffic, BLVD, Premium, City Stars, Finesse, Birdhouse.
Pennswood (USA) - Music, Open, Fickle.
South Central (USA) - 5boro, Substance, Coda.
Churchill (USA) - Traffic, BLVD, Warco.
Comet (USA) - Habitat Eco-ply.
Prime/Goodwood (USA) - Bummer High.

I have no web sources for who is pressing for the following companies: Girl, Chocolate, Baker, Deathwish + others. As a general rule of thumb, if a deck doesn't have an identifier/sticker that distinguishes who pressed it and/or where it was pressed, it's best to assume it's made in China. Many of the companies listed above use multiple wood shops and boards from China are in the mix for most.

Several other board manufacturers include Service (USA), Third Foot (UK), Homegrown (Canada), Mimic (USA), CBSB (China), Natural (USA), Select/Westside/Dorfman (USA), Lancaster Board Press (USA), Kramer (Germany), Jart (Spain), Drifter (USA), Evermore (Taiwan). If you are interested in how a board is made, click of some of the above links as many of them include factory tours.

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