Friday, August 29, 2008

2000 Stuntwood

UPDATED for 2010 here.

Starting around 2004, several manufacturers from the 90's have moved all or some of their production to Mexico and China. This includes Rocco/World (now Dwindle/DSM and World Industries is no longer a part of it), Schmitt (PS Stix), Powell (Skate One) and NHS. Taylor Dykema appears to have auctioned off their equipment in 2006.

There are also plenty of other board manufacturers that weren't prominent in the early 90's: Woodchuck (Canada), Master Core (USA), Cinco Maderas (Mexico), Watson (USA), Chapman (USA), Pennswood (USA), ABC (USA), South Central (USA), and Bareback/Generator, who seems to have picked up where Taylor Dykema left off. It's a bit of a mystery which companies use what wood shop. Some companies even use multiple wood shops. The following I'm sure are correct with corresponding links:

Dwindle (China) - Almost, Blind, Darkstar, Enjoi, Speed Demons.
Watson (USA) - Foundation, Pig, Toy Machine.
NHS (USA/China) - Santa Cruz, Creature.
Master Core (USA) and Cinco Maderas (Mexico) - Zero, Mystery, Slave.
Skate One (USA/China) - Powell, Mini Logo.
Chapman (USA) - Shut, Zoo York.
Bareback/Generator (USA and Mexico) - Creation, Stereo, Western Edition, Rasa Libre, Kitsch.
Woodchuck (Canada) - Premium, Monke.
PS Stix (USA/China and soon Mexico) - Element, Black Label, Alien Workshop, Habitat.
Pennswood (USA) - Traffic.
South Central (USA) - 5boro.
ABC (USA) - Acme, Scarecrow.

I have no web sources for who is pressing for the following companies: Girl, Chocolate, DLX, Baker, Kayo, Think, Birdhouse, Consolidated + others. I do know Girl used to be PS Stix, Chocolate and DLX were Taylor Dykema, but that was back in the 20th Century.

Several other board manufacturers include Service (USA), Third Foot (UK), Homegrown (Canada), Control (Canada), Mimic (USA), Prime (USA), CBSB (China), Natural (USA), Comet (USA). If you are interested in how a board is made, click of some of the above links as many of them include factory tours.


Keith said...

There are discussions about this post at the Slap Forum and Skaters Cafe. Please feel free to discuss at either forum or post your thoughts here.

There are lots of lists on the web similar to what I have compiled. I just wanted to substantiate some of it with articles and web links.

An awful lot of the stuff out there is just guesswork. I have no idea where Girl or Kayo get their stuff pressed. I'm not going to say China or whatever woodshop without some sort or proof.

chops said...

great article, keith

its come a long way from that "how they are made" montage from Future Primitive lol

Keith said...

I've actually only seen Future Primitive once banc in the late 80's and the only thing I remember was a bunch of dudes skating a post spinning around it.

Maybe I gotta look it up on youtube.