Monday, October 18, 2010

World Industries Shiloh Greathouse Dictator of Dopeness says it's a Jovontae Turner but I swear it's a Shiloh board! They have it dated 1994 and by then, Jovontae was riding for Girl. I had this one and I'm fairly certain I never road a single Jovontae World board.

Around that time, Shiloh had a board with a Gza style ninja comic strip graphic. Then a few months later, he had a new graphic... can't remember exactly what it was. What I do remember is, at my local shop, they got a new Shiloh board in and the new graphic was screened on top of the comic strip graphic. You could see the outline of the old screen print. There were quite a few quirky things that came out in those days... off center truck holes, upside down graphics.

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