Friday, January 16, 2009

Environmentally friendly skateboards

Pretty cool feature on Comet Skateboards and what they're doing to build a better, environmentally friendly skateboard. I think they are more well known in the longboarding community but are slowly moving into the more traditional popsicle stick market. The Habitat Eco-ply boards are pressed by them. In fact, you can even see the Habitat cutting template being used in the video. Using non-toxic glues, paints and lacquers allows all their waste materials to be easily recycled. Most other woodshops run into wood waste recycling problems.

Here is another amazing clip of their process. Their board presses looks similar to most other woodshops except they use heat in the process and they don't appear to apply glue to the individual veneers. It looks like there's some sort of chemical reaction with those green e2e soy resin composite veneers that fuses/bonds everything together. Pressing boards one at a time also helps the consistency of concave and kick from board to board. I'm not certain if an Eco-ply has those green veneers or bamboo. Doesn't really say in the description on the Habitat website and based on the embedded video, look like standard 7 plies of maple. Regardless, a Habitat Eco-ply is definitely one of the next boards I'm going to try.

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