Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PS Stix Factory Tour

Here's a factory tour of PS Stix's wood shop. As far as I can remember, the company started as Schmitt Stix back in the late 80's, then became New Deal in the early 90's (under Giant Distribution that included Underworld Element and Mad Circle) and they pressed boards for several other companies in that decade including Girl and Alien Workshop, the latter (along with Habitat) is still primarily being done by them and are the only boards I tend to ride. PS Stix also does Element and Black Label. The identifying markings for boards from PS Stix are generally SN# PSxxxxx like below.

As for which country they were pressed in, I've seen 3 different variations: no country, USA and China. They are soon to, or already, have a factory in Mexico. For more info, here's a photo tour and another video tour.

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