Friday, November 5, 2010


This Stevie post got me thinking about Seek. Some comical commentary here including:

"All right. It’s like this: I think that it’s basically headed to take over skateboarding. I think Alien Workshop, Habitat, and Seek are going to get sued by the government for being a monopoly."-Josh Kalis, when asked where Seek was headed.

"I’m sure there’re people in the hype that are thoroughbred." -Josh Kalis

"The future of skateboarding is right around the corner-it’ll be rearing its head in Dayton, Ohio. The cross of the skateboard history will go right through Dayton, Ohio. Thanks to both DC and Seek, but you’ll know about that soon enough."-Rob Dyrdek

"I don’t really know. It will be the most popular pretty soon. I see it pretty much sporadic, you know, all over the place.”-Josh Kalis, when asked if Seek is more popular in certain parts of the country than others.

Florentin Marfaing switch 360 flip

Decent team. I don't remember Bjorn Johnston. A three year run and then in 2005, Alien reabsorbed the majority of the pro's from the team. Colin was left out and ended up rebooting Plan B later that year with Danny Way.


Skately said...

The quotes in that TWS article are great. Classic case of right team, wrong time.

Andreas said...

And Florentin, who was already pro for Seek, got dropped. He was unbelievable good at that time. Wonder why he didn't make it to Alien.

Keith said...

^ I didn't even notice Flo turned pro for Seek... back in 2004 nor when I was browsing the archives. Totally lame they didn't move him to Alien. Some companies just aren't very down for international riders.