Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Heath Kirchart- First Alien Workshop Interview

Found this in the archives. A nine years old welcome to the Workshop interview with Heath. There's also a Berra one.

Kirchart answers some questions.....

Motivations for coming to the Workshop? Was it mostly a business decision for you? Could you relate to the identity more?

Heath: When it comes down to it Alien is a better fit for me. First, I believe with the current team we have a very diverse team which will make for a great video when the time comes. Second, the direction of the brand (meaning graphics, etc.) are more along the lines of what I would like to be riding. Third, I like Alien.

What are your first memories of the Alien Workshop as a young skater? Any impressions?

Heath: When I was a little kid I bought the Alien video and thought that the skating in it was great. Hated the art though because that could have been more footage of those guys skating. I still have that video at my parents house.

What's it like being teammates with Berra for so long. You guys have been on Foundation and Birdhouse together. How do you guys push each other/influence each other?

Heath: This will be the third board company that we have rode for at the same time. We are good friends but not the greatest of friends, but their seems to be this silent loyalty between us that has been there since the early Foundation years.

Any short-term or long-term goals now that you're on AWS?

Heath: Well once the other guys and I get these other videos that we are working on right now out of the way it will be time to make an Alien Workshop video.

What's your main motivation in skating at this day and age? Gnarly tricks? Does coverage influence those motivations? Has it changed over the years?

Heath: When you make or even try something that your scared of you get this feeling of accomplishment that is impossible for me to describe. For me, skating is the only way to get that feeling.

I heard in the Dill interview that you don't get too excited over your graphics...can you remember what was on your very first pro model graphic? Before you turned pro did you have graphics fantasies of what you'd have on your boards?

Heath: Yeah my name coming out of a dog's ass, real happy about that one. Only when I was real little did I care about graphics, and all I wanted were some skull and bones graphics. I was real into the Peralta Powell thing.

Immediate or long-term future plans in skating or outside of skating?

Heath: Sure.

You travel around quite a bit with filming and everything... is there one city you like better or feel more comfortable at?

Heath: Not really. The only place I feel comfortable is at home, surrounded by people I choose and am comfortable with. I did just spend some time in Toronto and that was a fun place.

Any kind of inspiration outside of skateboarding that gets you excited? certain music, literature or anything?

Heath: Sure.

If you could skate to one song, all copyrights aside...any song for a video part, what would it be?

Heath: Mostly anything by Pink Floyd, "Wish you where here," in particular.

If you look closely at bottom of your board, it says in very small type, "man of the night." Is nighttime really the right time? Is nighttime best because of the non-bust factor?

Heath: Does it? great. I skate at night mostly because I can't stand anyone that I don't invite watching me. Any spot during the day will have all these people around and people drive me nuts.

p.s. it doesn't really say "man of the night" on the board. I just made that up. I wouldn't do that to you. OK, that's it.

Heath: I hate interviews.

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