Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Music Product Review

I gave a preview of the Music wheels and deck I was sent here. I've gotten out a handful of times but due to rain and general lame weather, I'm not gonna be skating as much as I'd like. Here's my experience.

I'll preface that I'm not a wheel snob. I'll try just about anything that is around 52-53mm. I tend to ride my wheels for a long time. I'm not a heavy flatspotter. I don't really do boardslides, lipslides or bluntslides. I don't pivot/drive my 180 tricks.

The last set of wheel I rode were blue 52mm Zero wheels I found in the garbage area of my condo. They were practically new (still had full tread on the riding surface) with some Bones Reds. For me, when wheels are too hard, my ride feels rough and bumpy. If they're too soft, it feels slow and grippy... gummy feeling, if that makes any sense. Those Zero wheels felt super hard and it was a rough ride... Foot massage style like when I was in grade 8 in the 80's and was pushing all over the neighbourhood and had numb feet after cruising around for hours.

These Music wheels feel just right... not too hard nor soft. For whatever reason, they are not as barky as other wheels when powersliding. So far, no issues with durability but like I said earlier, I'm not a heavy flatspotter and tend to ride my wheels for a long time. These wheels are as good, if not better, than others I've ridden over the past 20 years and they're eco friendly so why not save the planet one set of wheels at a time.

When it comes to decks, I'm super particular. Width, concave, shape... it only takes one of them to be off to ruin a set-up for me. I break a lot of boards... 70% I ride I'll snap skating. It might be a coincidence but the majority of the decks that didn't break on me were pressed by PS Stix in the States, which doesn't exist anymore and has now moved all their facilities to China and Mexico. Back to the Music board... it really is a solid deck and took almost no getting used to. The shape is right up my alley and the concave feels proper as well. Some boards start to feel soggy/slug-ish after a few sessions. This Music board, 7 sessions in, still feels nice and crispy. I've had some wonky landings on it and it didn't crack, which is always a positive.

If you're looking for some solid gear and want to support a great new small company, go out and buy some Music product. Hopefully your local shop carries Music and if not, ask them to do so. As of a few weeks ago, you can purchase directly from their new online store. One more thing that is super awesome is they were just recently featured in New York Magazines gift finder issue.

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This new NYC based skate company is right on !