Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Music Product Preview

Anthony from Music was kind enough to send me some wheels and a deck to try out. Review to come soon.

First impressions:

1. At first glance, the Music wheels have a weird look to them. They aren't super white and the surface texture looks a little different. Anthony explained to me that they look that way because they are an eco friendly formula (USA made) and are actually more durable that typical urethane.

2. The Genre Music deck is my first Pennswood pressed board. I picked this one because 7.75" is my preferred width. The shape and concave are both typical of what I ride. I compared it to a couple of Alien Workshop boards (one Bareback, one PS Stix) I have and the shape is very similar and the concave is pretty close... just a touch flatter in the nose and the tail. The blond unstained top ply isn't my #1 choice.

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