Monday, November 15, 2010

Alife x Girl Skateboards Bedrock

I saw a Japanese kid riding this board last weekend and I kept getting glimpses of the super bright graphic but had no idea what it was. Jef Choy informed me that it's an Alife/Girl collaboration deck and it was Fred Flintstones tie. Very clever. We then talked to the kid about the graphic but he didn't speak very good English so Jef tried to Japan-ify "Flintstones", with some sort of Japanese suffix, to no avail. Later on, I got the official pdf from Tony Ferguson and grabbed this image.

From Alife Vancouver's facebook, it looks like they are clearing out a bunch of old boards for $20 including this Flintstones one. It's pretty odd that there's absolutely no information about this deck anywhere online. You'd think at least one street wear/sneaker nerd blog would have something about it.

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