Saturday, December 4, 2010

Krtek shirt

When I visited central Europe over the summer, I didn't really come home with any souvenirs. While in Prague, I kept seeing this character in a lot of the tourist shops. I wasn't even sure what animal he was and didn't know his name. It turns out he's a mole named Krtek. Most of the Krtek stuff was for kids so I didn't end up getting anything.

When I got back to Canada, I decided to make my own Krtek shirt. I got a crappy low res image from google, enlarged it and tidied it up. I uploaded it to Wordans and got them to print it on a medium heather gray Hanes Heavyweight shirt, which fits as a medium should. When I received the shirt, the print was kind of translucent and the colours weren't are bright as I would have liked. It reminds me of a typical faux vintage Mickey Mouse ringer t-shirt. I contacted them about it and they said it was printed on their "Brother printer", which doesn't print white. They offered to redo the shirt for me with their other printer and they said to put in the comments section that I wanted the eyes white. My second Krtek shirt is below... much brighter colours. That one was printed on a medium Alstyle 1301 charcoal shirt, which fits a bit small.

I've done another shirt there and I'll post that up in the weeks to come.


DeLorean said...

I like the T-shirt :)

Mole is very popular in Slovakia too where he is called Krtko.

My wife is Slovak so my kids have many toys etc with Mole on them.

If you watch the cartoons of Mole you will see his charm and why kids (and adults) love him so much.

He is also very popular in Germany.

2992fuzi said...

true, true...