Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Best Lines

Inspired by the above image from this post at Chrome Ball. Not really sure what year that article is from. Must be as recent as 2002 because of the PJ inclusion.

The 10 Best Lines Ever Caught on Video. Below are all of the lines flagged to start at the correct time. Of course, it's also worth watching the full clips.

Mike Carroll Modus Operandi

PJ Ladd Wonderful Horrible Life

Jason Lee Video Days

Mark Gonzales Video Days

Ray Barbee Public Domain

Eric Koston Falling Down

Tom Penny 411 Flip Industry Section

Kareem Campbell 20 Shot Sequence

Jason Dill Photosynthesis

Henry Sanchez Blind Promo

Personally, I've always liked the many lines from Gino in 20 shot and Brian Lotti in Now n Later. And Jeremy Wray's opening line in Second Hand Smoke is pretty nuts.

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