Monday, December 13, 2010

Illuminati Elephant vs. Fly

Illuminati was a short lived sister company to Zoo York in the mid 90's and didn't even last a year. I had this board and I remember it well because it was one of the first decks I bought when I moved to Vancouver. I hadn't been skating much because of school and wasn't getting enough exercise. I felt I had to get back onto my board on a regular basis and there was a sick underground parkade on campus right near my office.

I decided to start fresh with a new set up. Wheels were getting bigger at the time and I was surprised the smallest ones the shop had were 53mm. I ended up grabbing those, some Indy's and this Illuminati board. The board felt weird at first because it had crazy steep concave and kick and had a blunt-ish shape compared to what I was used to. It felt weird to me and I didn't really like it. I eventually cracked it and after that, it felt really good. Go figure. Image from Chrome Ball.

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Robert said...

I used to love those old zoo boards with the crazy kicks and concave. It felt like everything was super locked to your feet. This was probably right around the last time I actually rode one.