Friday, December 17, 2010

Chrome Ball Incident x Heel Bruise

Super sick shirt coming out in early 2011 courtesy of Heel Bruise and Chrome Ball Incident. It's a grid of screen shots from classic old skate videos. No skating. I still think E should have included the twins at the start of Shackle me Not!


Paul said...

I think the twins also appeared in Plan B's Questionable.Haven't they?

chops said...

thanks keith.

and i knew you were gonna do this, haha

yeah, i looked into it a little and the twins were actually in almost all of the early ternasky productions... which was kind of the problem as it lost that "name that video" feel to it. the only other guy from shackle me not I could really use was that fat guy talking about "pussy hairs" that pushed petit but there really wasn't a good screenshot of him to use.

and yes, chris hall's wino guy did make a small cameo in skypager... but just barely.

size medium? i got you.

Keith said...

Amazing post today E.

Thanks for looking out.