Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Custom Vans and Etnies

Back in the early 90's, my local shop had a Vans catalog and you could custom order shoes in whatever material and colour you wanted. It was amazing. You'd get your custom Half Cabs or whatever within a month, hand made in America. Unfortunately, that program was shut down years ago.

In 2009, both Vans and Etnies have introduced custom shoe programs for a limited number of styles. Go over and design your ideal colorway.

As for me, I like my shoes to look really plain and simple, basically black. My customs are boring.

Have Vans Old Skools always been called Old Skools? I've always referred to them as low top Off the Walls and the Sk8 Hi's as Off the Walls LOL. I used to cut down the Sk8 Hi's to mid tops along the stitching line. Damn those shoes were uncomfortable. Blister city for the first few weeks. In the early 90's, I had quite a few pairs of Caballeros and Chukkas and uncountably many pairs of Old Skools but surprisingly, only one pair of Half Cabs (all white suede/white rubber). I owned those nurse shoes for less than a week and never wore them for skating as I ended up selling them to my friend Jimmy.

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