Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BBS/Bareback woodshop

Bareback is most well know these days, it seems, for pressing DLX and DGK boards. Their website was under construction for ages but now it's up and running. They do a good job explaining their history. It's pretty interesting to read about how they started out pressing longboards in the USA to doing typical popsicle stick shapes in Mexico. There's also a pretty slick video of their factory and you can clearly see them working on Real, Anti Hero, Blueprint and Alien Workshop decks. I had been wondering which Mexico woodshop was pressing Alien and Habitat. Now I know. Note that Bareback and Generator are at the same address: 2835 la Mirada Dr, Vista, CA 92081.


tp said...

yes but who pressed the dlx wood in the mid 90's. That was some good wood!

Keith said...

The Real and Stereo boards from the mid 90's was Taylor Dykema, which is now out of business. They also pressed Chocolate back in the day.