Friday, February 13, 2009

Hong Kong Jimmy

Hong Kong Jimmy backside heel at Griffin. This was at the time of the first Slam City Jam contest. He's originally from Hong Kong, moved to Toronto, then to Ottawa for university, back to Toronto and now he's settled in Hong Kong. What can be said about this guy...

The red Volvo blasting hip hop with bone jarring bass.
"Dooode! Let's palty!"
"Dooode! Giiilrs!"
His fs bluntslide manual out.
So many Weiss, Bokma and Norm shenanigans.

My friend Randal does the best impression of Jimmy and has so many legendary stories about him ranging from conversations about turtles, tar, ?donkey? style, Real/Stereo demo hijinx and his Fuct hat wearing dog back in Hong Kong. The dude was definitely a character.

I got to see him in 1999 when my wife and I stopped in Hong Kong on our way to Singapore. He showed us a great time with his crew. I know he also had a photo in a Big Brother Hong Kong article doing an ollie over a rail (if my memory serves me right). Thanks to my man E at Chrome Ball Incident for hooking up the scan.

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