Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1990's Wood

In the 90's there were basically a handful of North American manufacturers that pressed all skateboards (I'm generalizing some of the names because I didn't know exactly what they were): Rocco/World/Prime, Schmitt/Giant, Taylor Dykema, Powell, Foundation, NHS/Santa Cruz, Vision, Fallahee/Alva. The former three must have had at least 90% of the market. I basically only rode Prime wood during the early 90's but did grow to like Schmitt in the latter part. Besides those two wood manufacturers, I avoided the rest for the most part. None of their shapes or concave felt good under my feet. Some of the Taylor Dykema stuff was okay, I suppose.

There's been a fairly large shake up in the board manufacturing business over the past decade, which I will discuss Friday.

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