Monday, August 11, 2008

101 introduction

With the recent flurry of great 101 related posts over at chrome ball incident, I had to make this post. These are the first two 101 boards released; Natas with the Satan graphic and Gabe with the Jesus graphic. Lots of kids in my city were really superstitious about riding either of them. More controversial graphics from the Rocco empire. Just found this video that talks about the Satan graphic and how it was originally intended for Jason Lee. Marc McKee was the artist.

Here's a great interview with Rocco, Rodney and other World employees. Talking about borrowing money from shady sources, the use of the SMA name, George Powell, cease and desist etc. I still haven't seen The Man Who Souled the World (what can I say... I was living in a foreign country for the past year).

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chops said...

damn, that's great interview. i miss rocco.