Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's in the bag

Just for fun, I'm going to go over all the clubs in my bag, how they got there and why I like them. Before I start, I'd like to preface that I'm not a very good golfer. I'll typically shoot in the low to mid 90's and my Gametrack Handicap is 17. I play 18 holes a week and get out to the range about as often. I'm not an equipment whore. I don't need the latest and trendiest gear to have a good time on the course and I also don't believe the hype about 2009 equipment being able to lower my scores compared to equipment from 2003. Pretty much every club in my bag is discontinued. I'm probably the most frugal golfer you will ever meet. haha

LJC 450 12 degree driver: I ended up getting this driver off ebay new for usd$41 with a Harrison Stiper shaft. I pulled the shaft and installed an Innovative UFO 2.2. It really fits my eye (it's deeper more than it is shallow, great shape) and has turned into a great feeling driver. It doesn't sit too closed. The reason for the 12 degree loft is 2 fold. Firstly, it reduced ball side spin and keeps my drives straighter. Secondly, I'm a low ball hitter due to delofting (negative angle of attack).

Hypersonic 5 and 7 woods. I had a really frustrating time finding fairway woods that suited my eye. They were all either too big, too small, too closed or the face height was too deep or too shallow. I finally got to see these heads at a local clubmakers shop (the one armed guy in Burnaby) and I grabbed a 5 and 7 wood from him. They are clearly inspired by Taylor Made 200's. These heads are pretty ideal for me. Good size, good face height, sit fairly square. The lie is a bit upright but that's fine with me. I ended up grabbing additional sets of these heads as back-up because I liked them so much. They are both shafted with True Temper TT Lite XL steel shafts.

Golfsmith XPC 3000 9 wood (re-badged as the XPC Seven). Just like most bogey golfers, I suck with long irons. I tried for years to replace my 4 iron but it was pretty tough to find something that worked. First I tried a game improvement 4 iron. It worked better but still not forgiving enough. I tried several hybrids but I just couldn't get used to the way they looked and never really jived with them. I was really liking the Hypersonics so I started looking for something similar in a higher loft to fill the 4 iron gap. Being left handed didn't help my cause. I finally found this one at Golfsmith. The specs are pretty close to the Hypersonics so I thought I would give it a try and I haven't looked back since. Great replacement. I think I paid around can$20 shipped for the head and it's also shafted on a TT Lite XL steel shaft.

Adams GT Ultimate irons. I got these new off Ebay for usd$135. The link pretty much describes them perfectly. They are basically player cavity backs but are really forgiving for their size. They have a radiused sole which makes them more forgiving on fat shots. I carry these 6-pw + gw. The longest iron I carry is a 5, which is a Top Flite XL2000. Both my 6 and 5 irons are cut down to the same length as my 7 and swingweighted to match.

Nicklaus Golden Bear Bearclaw SW. This wedge is amazing. It's got a great grind on the sole and a milled face. Couldn't be happier. I got it at Golftown for can$30.

Wishon Smoooth 7. I purchased this putter from Wishon for around usd$100. I like mallets and was using an old school Zebra for a long time. I never had any problems with the Zebra... just wanted to try something different. This Smoooth 7 just fits my eye and has a good balanced feel to me.


jungberg said...

Nice looking bag. What balls and actual bag? Playing through fall or done for the season?

Keith said...

I play Exceptions and my bag is an all black Bagboy EZ carry (3.5 lb). Super stoked on both. I get my balls from golfballplanet and Knet.