Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Recycled skateboards?

Real Skateboards has their Renewal deck program to use up veneer scraps. In 2010, Vehicle Skateboards is introducing an all recycled skateboard. It looks really odd to me... like a fancy particle board. The decks start off as veneers just like any other board except they are made from recycled hard rock maple. I'm not sure how they do cross vs. length veneers or maybe they don't have to. Pop Master Innovations is the company behind the technology, which is registered to Jamie Story who also registered the Vehicle URL. Robbie Gangemi started Vehicle back in 2000 but the company was put on hold for several years. More info here and here.


Robert said...

Picked up a Real Renewal deck and wanted to like it. But ended up in my garage after 2 sessions. Felt like a board that I had ridden for 2 months not 2 days. Spongy feel and no pop. Love the idea just not the product.

Keith said...

wow. That sucks Rob. Thanks for the feedback. Put some carpet on it and your son can knee board on it when he gets old enough.

Robert said...

Not a bad idea, I actually want to pick up one of the Habitat cork boards for him/me.