Monday, February 16, 2009

SMA Julien Stranger Syringe

I never really understood this graphic when it was first released (I was in grade 9). I didn't know anything about shooting up illicit street drugs. I thought it had something to do with doctors/hospitals. I believe this was Julien's first pro model. He was amazing in those first two Speed Wheels videos. Loose truck carving style never looked so good. Board image from Disposable.


The Bobbler said...

Great post. had same thought when I was a kid. like 13. Always wanted this board. keep it up

Keith said...

SMA was so popular, yet underground at the same time, back in the Speed Freaks days. Natas made it legit imo and then all the sick AMs that went on to turn pro... everyone wanted their first boards. Thiebaud's comic book model and this syringe model.