Monday, February 23, 2009

Real Salman Agah Camel

Hawk's got the hawk, Cab's got the dragon, Vallely's got the elephant, Salman's got the camel. I've been looking for an image of this board for a while. So sick. Salman's first pro model... the stripes, the camel. So simple yet so awesome. And it spawned a line of heather gray/navy blue rugby shirts! He is THE dude who IMO started the switch revolution. Saw him in Toronto for a Real demo and he slayed it! Mad power skater and he was such a nice guy. Can't believe his first Real part isn't up anywhere online. wtf!


Robert said...

His shoe on vans was second only to to the halfcab and maybe the caroll's IMO. Actually picked up a gently used pair for $20 on ebay for my collection.

Justin said...

This is a great graphic. I liked how Real boards looked and felt back then. They were doing things a little differently than everybody else.

Keith said...

yeah. I was really into Real when they first started. Then for a while, the shop I was sponsored by had beef with the one distributor in Canada that carried Real so I didn't see or ride much of their stuff for a while.

I think I still have the Camel rugby shirt at my parents house.

I was never a fan of those Agah Vans. The shape was just too weird looking to me.

Robert said...

The agah's were pretty ugly but they skated so well. Back in those days your pants were so big you hardly saw them.