Friday, October 10, 2008

Skate & Annoy ebay watch

This is a hilarious section of skate and annoy's website with ebay auctions of skate stuff each month along with commentary. I assume that the writer 'House of Neil' was a skater from the 80's due to his lack of love for the Rocco era. It's amazing what people shell out for old skate crap from the 80's and 90's. I can remember seeing a nerdy kid at my local skate shop back in the late 80's/early 90's and he would buy decks. He was clearly not a skater.

me: "You skate?"
nerdy kid: "no."
me: "What are you gonna to do with all those boards you're buying?"
nerdy kid: "I'm gonna save them and sell them in 20 years for tons of money"
me: "Whatever. They're not like Spiderman comic books from the 1960's... they won't go up in value."
nerdy kid: "we'll see about that!"


Robert said...

Makes you wonder if it's worth holding on to any of todays decks. There are more than a few boards I wished I had held on to from that era.

Keith said...

We could all be rolling in the dough but we would have had a boring childhood. If I had kept all my Transformers, Starwars, GI Joe toys in their original packages, not skated any of the 100's of boards I rode from 88-98.

I suppose the best plan would have been to buy two of everything and trash one and save the other. But you would have had to have been rich to start off with so you probably wouldn't have cared to have all the early 101 and Blind boards in mint condition to sell in the future.

I could've put a solid dent in my mortgage if I had kept at least 10 boards from those early days.