Friday, October 17, 2008

pig snitch # o

This is from Thrasher June 1996. Jody Morris, who grew up in Ottawa and was part of our crew back in the day, was doing a cross country article. He rolled through town and took a bunch of photos. Two pictures from Ottawa got in. One of me (fs 180 to fakie nose grind) and one of my friend Christian (switch bs tail, they missed the switch in the caption), who's last name is not Sluthunter. That's just what we called him.

Years later, when I moved out to Vancouver, I used to skate this underground parkade at UBC that has a 100 foot knee high ledge. I met this one guy skating there and one of the first things he says to me is "were you in Thrasher?" Turns out he was on the same page as me but his shot was in Calgary. Small world. The magazine did screw up his name and captioned him Brian (his actual name is Ben). He ended up becoming one of my good friends. He's now at some Ivy League school studying to become a doctor. Also on the same page is Jesse Sorenson, who was part of Weiss' crew and rode for Change.

Thanks to Dylan at police informer for the scan.

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Brett said...

Christian Sluthunter... Bahahahahahahahaaa. Classic