Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day

If you haven't experienced Canada Day in the Nation's Capital, you haven't celebrated it proper. Ottawa has produced plenty of skateboard industry talent. Going back to the late 80's/early 90's, Tony Ferguson was getting flow from H-Street and then became the first am on Real, had a full part in Plan B's Virtual Reality and turned pro for Girl. Jody Morris went from Boardwalk skate shop employee to photographer for all the major skateboard magazines. Rick McCrank grew up skating in Ottawa, got sponsored by a Canadian company called Cherrybomb's when he moved out west and subsequently moved on to Birdhouse, Plan B and Girl. Gailea Momolu rode for local shop On Deck, who put him on their board company District and eventually moved on to Darkstar. Wade Desarmo honed his skill in Ottawa and DGK picked him up several years ago. Paul Trep and Richard Sarrazin are two others from Ottawa who have done well.

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