Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Recycled Golf Balls

On Ebay, there are many resellers of used golf balls. One company in particular, lostgolfballs, has the best quality I have seen. Their 1st quality look brand new. If you live outside of the States, you're out of luck as their international shipping is ridiculous. Another company that I've used in the past is Knetgolf. They do ship to both Canada and the USA but the quality of their highest ball rating is much much less than lostgolfballs. I don't recommend Knet. Just this past week, I ordered from GolfBallPlanet. Their highest rated balls (mint) are great. Definitely much better than Knet. They ship to both Canada and the USA. All of these companies have websites outside of Ebay and you can order from them directly. I've been using reclaimed balls for the past year and I can't notice a difference between them and new ones in terms of performance.

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Dyno said...

I rock LGB usually. Just bought AAA Tour iX and most of the balls are very good with an odd baddie. Given the Tour iX is relatively new, I suppose the sorting isn't as scrupulous. I've ordered mint Prov1x and they were as good as advertised. Knet is passable but no comparison to LGB.