Monday, July 21, 2008

Hail Rocco

When these boards first came out, they were referred to as the Hail Rocco series. I had the 1984 Shiloh board. Unfortunately, I cracked it within the first few sessions. It was a sweet shape for sure. For some reason, I rode a lot of Shiloh boards back in those days. Art by Sean Cliver and Marc McKee.


chops said...

aw man... nice. i had both the shiloh on the left and the middle one which i believe is a daewon. somehow my scrawny-ass broke 'em both. which pro was the one with the big rocco statue with the kids playing on it?

and also, does anybody remember the blind racing team series from like spring 92? for some reason, i always loved those but can never find any pictures of them. had a stripe down the middle and a number.

Keith said...

The one you speak of is a Jovontae graphic. I don't think it's a Hail Rocco. If you notice, the base of the statue is a cracked Powell logo... or at least that is what I think it is. I remember the shop I rode for got two of these Jovontae boards in and one of them was screened upside down.