Friday, August 17, 2012

Adam McNatt

At some point earlier this week, I was watching Pat Brennan's Celebrity Tropical Fish part and ended up on an Adam McNatt tangent. The guy always seems like an enigma to me... some crazy skating as a little kid in those few Powell Peralta videos, then getting on 101, which I never really thought he fit well.

There's a pretty good collection of old ads and interviews at Chrome Ball as well as this Skateboarder Mag Lost and Found where he talks about taking blank boards from the World warehouse and screening graphics on them in his garage. After reading that L&F, I googled the Goodtimes video and actually found it and embedded it above. Pretty nuts! I'm assuming most of this footage would have ended up in 20 Shot Sequence if he wasn't kicked off. 360 bs nollie flip over the brick Wallenberg wall was nice!

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