Monday, April 4, 2011

World Industries Catalogs

Not exactly a graphic post. Head over to memory screened to check out an interview with Cliver and McKee as well as an archive of World Industries catalogs during the good years. I never saw any of these back in the early 90's but I did see one that is not posted. It was in 1992 and it was the world pigbait catalog that contained the Blind racing series decks with curb feelers, rocket nose and handle. More World catalogs here.


Not The New Stereo Video said...

Ah, very cool, for the World 1992 catalog (and the link) ! Was it recently reposted, or was it there the whole time? I'll link it up from "their" page on memory Screened. very nice find ! -seb

Keith said...

yeah.... they were par of the world website years ago and then when they updated it, the catalog section disappeared. Through, I dug them up.