Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Golf Ball Comparison

There's hundreds of different golf balls available and for most people, there's just too many to try. Companies will release several versions of a ball with the same name from year to year with minor tweaks.

In general, players with slower swings will get the most distance out of a 2-piece lower compression ball with a harder (surlyn) cover. Players with a higher swing speed will most likely do best with a 3+ layer higher compression ball with a softer (urethane) cover. A urethane cover ball will also spin more on short irons and are less durable. has a ball compression and cover hardness table in this pdf here. The higher the number, the higher/harder the compression/cover. It seems like a good starting point in finding a ball relative to one you are familiar with but might want one that's slightly different. Image from here.

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