Thursday, March 10, 2011

FJ Street

With the popularity of the street style golf shoe last season, FootJoy has jumped on the bandwangon and released their version called the FJ Street, which looks like it was inspired by a Jack Purcell or Chuck Taylor.

I like em. Compared to the Ecco Street Premier, IMO they look better, they're cheaper ($90 retail price) and they look more waterproof (1-year warranty for leakage). Not sure if the spikes are removable. I will say the newer version of the Ecco Streets with the Stan Smith toe look better than the Freddie ones.

Speaking of the Ecco Street, when I was in Phoenix, I got to see and try them on for the first time and they were super comfortable. The sizing was rather crazy... I wear a 10 in everything else and I fit into a 42, which is an 8-8.5.

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