Friday, March 18, 2011

Concrete Powder circa 1992

This is a weird one. Talk about a trip down memory lane. Concrete Powder was a Canadian skateboard and snowboard magazine back in the early 90's. They started off as a glossy paper paid publication but evolved into a free magazine that was printed on newsprint and was the size of a small newspaper. It's now just called Concrete Skateboarding.

It looks like they are uploading all the old issues on their website and in Volume 2, #3, I guess page 36, there's a full pager of me doing a bs 180 nose grind at the archives in Ottawa, shot by Jody Morris. This was in grade 12... my school was on strike so I was skating a lot that spring. My friend Drew is on the opposite page doing a nose slide in front of Parliament Hill and the dude lipsliding the rail at Dows Lake is Trevor... he broke his ankle on that attempt.

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