Friday, September 3, 2010

Jacob Rosenberg's top 5 misses

No idea how I missed this. Plan B filmer Jake Rosenberg talks about the top five misses from the Plan B days. In particular...

5. Mike Carroll - EMB
Nollie Flip the Gonz.
He Landed it, but I was distracted and missed it.

Damn! Would have loved to see that!

One weird thing I notice... I've never watched the actual released version of Questionable. A friend of mine was living in Vancouver at the time Questionable was being filmed and he got his hands on a rough edit version. We basically all dubbed a copy of it and is what we grew up with. It had Gonz doing a footplant over the pyramid in the Powell warehouse part and it had Jake Rosenberg and Rick Howard focussing a board in the intro... stomp the nose, stomp the tail. I went to youtube to get a screengrab of the focussing but apparently, it got cut from the released version.

EDIT: I was wrong about the focussing in the intro. It's just the above youtube clip. No idea why would someone edit it like that.

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