Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Etnies Crapshoot url

The accompanying 90's style html layout attached to the Etnies Crapshoot Skate & Create. I still can't believe they didn't win. The Lakai one was straight up boring. Is it ironic that the majority of the guys involved in the Lakai one lived the Etnies one 15 years ago? I also noticed that the first 3 knockoff graphics are from years before the World park... none of them were even bandaid shaped boards.


Robert said...

Agreed Etnies should have won for sheer originality alone. Lakai's was intense, but it hardly seemed fair with the Hollywood style crew backing their production. Guess there are not as many of us who remember the 90's!

Justin said...

I agree. The Etnies Skate & Create was the first one of these things I was actually interested in. I understand the idea behind the project and it probably would lots of fun to actually work on/skate the stuff, but this series has never appealed to me.

For as much as I like what Etnies did, all they have done is repeat what Big Brother did. On the pages of Transworld, no less. I'm not saying this as negative criticism, just something I noticed. They didn't necessarily create anything new, but I think they made a most compelling tribute that touched on all the finer details of 1992. For that they should have won. Beats lighting some shit on fire.

Keith said...

yeah... this is pretty much the first s&c that has peaked my interest.