Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Resurrected Platinum Skateboards circa 03

A recent viewing of some Danny Wainwright footage brought me to skim the fat, where I noticed a skater that reminded me of something odd I encountered back in 2003.

When I was vacationing in Italy that summer, I visited the northern part of the country in a fairly isolated and random city called Trento. I ended up in a store that had a full stock of Platinum gear, which at that point, had been out of business for at least 4 years. It was really weird... same logo but the only pros were Giorgio and Gianni Zattoni, which, as far as I knew, were some random Italian Powell vert guys. I guess whoever owned the Platinum trademark sold it and let these brothers do their thing with it in Italy. Pretty strange.

Platinum had some serious riders when they existed in the 90's... Henry, Moses, Arto, Tas and Ben Pappas, Bokma. Pretty sick.


D.stroy said...

Platinum was sold to someone here in Italy and continued to live until a couple years ago. Most of the kids never knew that once it was an american company ad tought it was fully italian.
It sponsored some italian riders and a couple of european like Swedish Cris Astrom.
They never really tried their best to be a skateboard company.

Anonymous said...

They basically SUCK a lot!