Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gravis Dylan Rieder

Wow. Taking the impossible to a whole new level. I wish I could pull off v-neck shirts and not look like a douchebag. Sometimes his back foot on 360 flips looks a little too dangly. Still a great clip. I think I'm going to grab some of those waxed canvas Dylan mids for the rainy Vancouver days.


Karoumy said...

Great video part. The 3 flips are a little weird for sure. Didn't enjoy the scoop necks (those are not a men's v-neck) or the floods.

Justin said...

Some of his 360 flips go a little too yo and others don't. It's odd. Must be the shoes.

Keith said...

The one he does after the impossible over the bench looks good. Most of the other ones... meh.

chops said...

I'll be the last person to complain about such things but with the exception of that street gap joint, those 3 flips do look pretty damn awful.

but that's my only complaint. instant classic.

extra points for the buster halterman overturn grind thing in the pool.

dude is sick.

and quite handsome.

fuckin' hate that guy, haha.

Keith said...

Just ordered my waxed black canvas Dylan mids. Filled my cart up to $73 and got everything for $53.

Keith said...

$20 off + free shipping.