Monday, November 23, 2009

Stereo Jason Lee Retirement

I saw this deck while perusing ebay. I remember seeing one at a shop (Vert on Granville) when I first moved to Vancouver in 1997 and I haven't seen one since. I remember thinking that I should buy it as a collectors item because it's gonna be Jason Lee's last pro board, he was headed toward an acting career and the dude was, to me, one of the sickest of all time.

Now that Earl has been canceled, it would be pretty cool to get some more new Jason Lee footage. Does anyone know why so many vintage boards are coming out of Australia?

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Justin said...

I had one of these. I think it was an OK deck. It might have been a little heavy or too wide, I don't remember. I had a Steven Cales around the same time and it was a bit too wide, but I was fine with that. I'll have to check my parent's basement to see if the boards are still stored away somewhere.