Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ethan Fowler on 360 flips

Awesome series of videos on 360 flips by one of the dudes with the best execution... the proper way to do them and the more recent lame "steezy" (I hate that word) way of doing them.

To me, the top 5 skaters with the best looking 360 flips are, with examples:

1. Jason Lee
2. Jovontae Turner
3. Josh Kalis
4. Rick Howard
5. Mike Carroll

I will add that this one and this one are definitely two of my favourites, probably more in the context of the tunes and the lines in which they occur. The Fowler videos don't play well in my Firefox so you might have to open the post in Explorer.


evokerone said...

Oh man I would have to add Drake Jones and mike Mike York to that list.

justin said...

Nate Jones.
Real To Real.

Good call on Jovantee.

bradtheraddad said...

Don't forget B.A.'s…those are always a treat.