Monday, August 24, 2009

SMA Natas Kaupas 2

For me, this is the most memorable of the SMA Natas cat graphics. IIRC, this was the mini model. Quite a few of the kids I grew up skating with had this one. For whatever reason, when I first started skating, I never had boards belonging to the awesome street skaters, or even the awesome vert skaters at the time. The first three or four pro model boards I owned are embarrassing. I challenge anyone to do worse than me!

1. Vision Ken Park
2. Vision Johnee Kop (don't even ask)
3. Vision Primo street model (wtf was I thinking?)
4. Schmitt Stix Reese Simpson (the snake model. This one was actually pretty decent.)

Jim Phillips was the artist and the graphic's from Disposable.


Scott said...

Here are my first four decks though not quite as bad as yours there are a couple of winners.
1. Vision Psycho Stick - I was 11
2. John Lucero Red Cross - Would of been a great deck but it was on the one that Rocco made and it broke in two weeks
3. Rob Robskopp (Sp) Eye - this was a great deck, learned how to ollie on it.
4. Zorlac Zombie - Great grapics super shitty board and it weighed a ton.

Keith said...

I envy the kid who started skating with a Powell TG flaming dagger, Natas Panther and Gonz Face.