Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kikkor Golf Shoes

I've touched on this in past posts. Several large corporations, including
Puma and Adidas, have made street style golf shoes geared toward the younger generation. Two smaller companies that have taken cues from skate shoes are Alias and Radioactive, the offerings of both IMO being underwhelming. Apparently there's another company entering the skate-shoe-style-golf-shoe arena called Kikkor, which is out of Abbotsford, BC and is owned by professional golfer James Lepp. Seeing as I'm just down Highway 1, hopefully I can get my hands on a pair fairly easily once they are released. Their two models look a lot better than anything Alias or Radioactive has put out. If I had to rock any of them, I'd go for the all black leather Eppik's. Link lifted from Triple Bogey.


Robert said...

I want to see some vulcanized golf shoes then I might be into it. Until then I am a traditionalist when it comes to golf shoes. Did you see the Nike Dunk Low golf shoe that came out awhile ago?

Keith said...

The Puma's in the link above are vulk-ish. I did a post on the Nike SB dunk golf shoe a while ago. I think they were limited to participants in a SPOT golf tournament.

I actually tried to make a pair of skate golf shoes back in the day. I had a pair of DVS daewon's but I got them 1/2 size too big which made them useless for skating. I decided to buy some spikes, drilled holes into the sole and shoe-gooed them in. Worked okay for a little but but was ultimately a fail LOL