Monday, March 9, 2009

Vision Mark Gonzales "Gonz and Roses"

This post is for my boy Giles back in the Nations Capital. In my suburban neighbourhood back in the day, there were very few skaters. Tony Ferguson actually used to live around the corner from me. I remember watching him skating in front of his house on a Lance Mountain board and my 13 year old mind was totally blown away. That was probably 87.

When I first started getting serious about skating years later, there was this one older guy in the hood named Giles who was always skating the tennis courts at the local school yard. He was riding this Vision Mark Gonzales board and he taught me all the basics. We became really good friends and the dude is my homey for life. Years later, he helped me find my golf swing. If it weren't for him, I'd probably still be doing bonelesses and hitting a terrible slice. Peep the original ad at Chrome Ball. Board graphic from Disposable.

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chops said...

all-time favorite gonz graphic.

had to pick up the reissue although that adidas jumpsuit just isn't quite the same.