Monday, March 16, 2009

Blind Claudia Schiffer

This black and red portrait of Claudia Schiffer was a series of boards from Blind back in 1992. All the pro models in this series had this graphic and the only differences were the name in white lettering and the shape/size. I had the Guy model, which was a perfect board for me at the time. I remember riding it during a long Ontario winter in a shit hole skatepark in the basement of the local Boys and Girls Club. Sean Cliver was the artist and it turns out the graphic was originally intended for a Powell Adam McNatt board. Cliver ended up getting fired and took the art with him when he started working for Rocco. Powell's rebuttal was this. You can actually get the Mariano graphic on a hoodie at the Crailtap store and it turns out it was Guy's first pro model.

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