Friday, December 12, 2008

Emerica Warranty: Thumbs Up

So last week, I wrote about the really bad Emerica Hsu experience I had. In the end, everything worked out. Timebomb coordinated with The Boardroom to get me a store credit to replace the defective shoes. I ended up grabbing a pair of Supra Vulk Low's in Black/Gum, which IMO is one of the best colorways for any shoe style.

They look and feel, at least to me, to be one of the beefier vulkanized shoes available, which is fine by me. Neither the distributor nor the shop wanted the defective Hsu's so now I have two pairs of shoes. I'm going to try and Doctor Frankenstein the Hsu's with Shoe Goo to the point that they don't look like crap but will be skateable. A big thanks to Timebomb and The Boardroom.

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