Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Emerica Hsu: Thumbs Down

Back in July, I ended up buying a pair of Emerica Hsu's. They're obviously Half Cab inspired. Regardless, they're a great looking shoe. I was only walking around in them for a month, walking on asphalt and concrete no less than an hour a day, never skated them, and they got worn down a lot faster than any other shoe I've ever owned. fwiw, I'm not a heel dragger. I'm actually a little obsessed (thanks to my physiotherapist) with posture, arch supports and proper walking technique. Then one day some time in August, the heel started peeling off. At this point, I was really pissed. I paid good money for these shoes!

Several weeks later, I had read on the Slap forum that this sole peeling phenomenon is a manufacturers defect. I ended up contacting Timebomb, the Canadian distributor. They said it was indeed a manufacturers defect and they were going to coordinate with a local shop to see what they could do for a replacement. Still waiting to see what happens.


Robert said...

Skateboard companies must have one of the worst defect records going. The only time I ever had anything replaced was a dlx board that delaminated after a week. I am pretty sure the only reason I got a new board was because I was in SF and went directly to DLX.

Chris said...

i made the mistake of buying these. emericas are such shit.