Thursday, July 26, 2012

Koston Epicly Later'd

First three parts of Koston's Epicly Later'd are up. Super interesting to hear about the early H-Street and 101 days. First few tricks I remember were in the montage at the end of the This Is Not The New H-Street Video. I never saw his H-Street pro model before. The circumstances of it sort of reminds me of Carroll turning pro for H-Street... turn pro, get a board released and then switch companies a few months later. My local shop did get Carroll's macaroni and cheese H-Street pro model but shortly after it came out, he was on Plan B. I remember seeing a huge stack of them at FTC the summer Plan B started.

I never knew Koston was that good back in the early H-Street days. I remember sending a sponsor me tape to H-Street after Next but before Lick. I called up H-Street and talked to Tony Mag and he kept mentioning Koston and how he was the best and he was also talking about some Dallas kid that's gonna be the next best thing... years later, I realized he was talking about Kalis, who was in the montage at the end of Lick.

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