Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Greek-style Skateboard

I was in Athens, Greece for work a few weeks ago and my wife found this boutique shop called Greece is for Lovers just south of the Acropolis. They make a lot of interesting unique art such as the above skateboard with built in sandals. They also had a skateboard made out of white marble and another from terra cotta.

I didn't see many skaters while I was there. The few that I did see were skating around Syntagma Square, which is where all the recent riots and demonstrations have been taking place. There was also a skate shop over near the flea market area by Monastiraki square. I was pretty stoked to be somewhere warm and sunny in March and to have a chance to explore the city and the ancient ruins.

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The Chez said...

Can you even imagine skating in Athens? Even the sidewalks are GNARLY! I saw a couple skater kids in Paleochora on Crete and felt bad for them. Then again, who knows, they might end up as rippers!