Monday, January 16, 2012

Habitat Stuff

Two Habitat related clips this past week. Austyn Gillette's ender in the Double Rock feature is super good. It's essentially the same motion as Greg Lutzka's go-to trick but it's on a quarter pipe and Austyn makes it look amazing.

To be honest, this Mark Suciu one caught me by surprise. I've seen his Origins part a few times but I hardly remember it. This 6 minute web part is definitely worth watching multiple times, particularly for the lines, which I find is a bit of a dying art with the youth of today.

I guess it's somewhat related... Habitat and Alien Workshop have always been under the same distribution umbrella (aka. DNA). Last week, Rob Dyrdek announced that he is buying Alien Workshop from Burton. Hopefully the transition is smooth and everyone keeps getting paid and they continue to use PS Stix and BBS wood. I'd be overly psyched if Neil Blender and Don Pendleton came back to do some graphics. The announcement mentioned nothing about Habitat, so I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. It would be unfortunate to see the two companies split. I've always like the sister company dynamic: World-Blind-101. Real-Stereo. Girl-Chocolate. Alien-Habitat.

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