Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nike prototype golf shoe

These looks pretty good to me. Reminds me of eS Koston 2's, which were one of my favourite shoes back in the day.

Here's a description:

The shoes are based on FREE technology, which Nike has implemented in their training shoes but yet to implement in their golf line. The technology which debuted in 2004 is highlighted by an outsole designed to mimic the natural movements of the foot while being lightweight and responsive.

This prototype features an upper part of the shoe made with polyurethane coated stretch fabric, found in Nike’s basketball shoes, and the outsole is geared to provide stability through Woods’ torque-filled swing.

“This will help give Tiger greater stability as he addresses the ball. The freedom of movement that natural motion technology delivers will also allow more power to be released through the swing rather than through the body – which can happen when your feet are too static.” said Tobie Hatfield of Nike.

Text and photo from here.

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