Friday, May 6, 2011

Ankle Brace

I was on crailtap the other day and saw something about ankle braces in the Q&A section. Mike Mo's suggestion is this one. I click on it expecting it to be a good recommendation but it looks like a piece of crap. I can't even recall how many useless elastic/compressive style ankle braces I went through in the early 90's. This style of brace basically doesn't have enough support to prevent a weak ankle from re-tweaking.

An older skater in my city suggested this Swed O Lok one and it basically changed my life. It laces up and has removable plastic support pieces that mold to the sides of your ankle. If your sprain is really bad, keep the plastic in. If it's not too severe, take the plastic out. It really is an amazing product. I rocked one for 4 solid years in the 90's. There were times since when I was skating less and I didn't need one anymore but when I badly sprained my ankle last summer, I got back on the Swed O Lok program. I was also quite stoke on Daryl Angel's ankle brace in Slap's One in a Million. Image from here.

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ShakenVegetable said...

ASO also makes a very good ankle brace. I use the EVO model. Mid-top shoes also help.